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Solution for Legal Industry


Firms providing legal services work in a very challenging, fast -paced environment. The profitability of the firm is directly co-related to efficiency, accuracy is the key to business growth.

What is SuccessFactor Solution for Legal Industry?

As an end-to-end, process-based system, SAP Tech Series for Legal encompasses nearly all functional aspects of your firm’s operations—including client matter management, time cost management, timekeeper management, billing management and comprehensive analytics. Tech Series for Legal increases, by an order of magnitude, the features and functionality of HR Pundits already best-of-breed, process-based practice management solution built on SAP HANA. The solution is configured to meet over 1000+ requirements specific to law firms, setting it apart as one of the most powerful enterprise solution running on the largest and most advanced business software platform in the world.

Key Functionality

  • 1. Recruitment Management (RCM)
  • 2. Onboarding (ONB)
  • 3. Employee Central (EC) - Core HR (system of record, Org Chart, shared services, absence management and Payroll)
  • 4. Learning (LMS)
  • 5. Compensation
  • 6. Performance & Goals
  • 7. Succession Management
  • 8. Off Boarding
  • 9. Workforce Analytics
  • 10. Mobile and Social (All modules can be accessed on mobile, social collaboration with JAM)

Brief Overview

Customize Organization structure to Legal Firm specific (e.g., Personnel Area can be Office and Employee Group to Title etc.,) Custom Objects are built for all custom info types and displayed in relevant portlets (e.g., Bar Information, Contracts signed documents, Practice Groups, Education, Memberships, Firm Service etc.,) Custom Workflows to be created to handle current MSS/ESS activities in addition to utilizing Intelligent services. Events have been customized specific to Legal firm (e.g., Hire, promotions, transfer, LOA, separations etc.,) Customization of employee Talent & Skill profile specific to Legal firms

Enroll users into courses through Onboarding process, individually or groups/batches, Dashboard for Learners, Content can be accessed on Mobile devices, loading custom content like SCORM or AICC, Defining Pre-requisites to courses, defining assessment, scores, number of attempts, grading etc., Defining surveys for post-training/assessment tests/events etc., defining approval process for Manager to approve or deny self-enrollment requests made by learner. Defining storing the log of grades achieved in instructor led or LMS training, we can Integrate to virtual meeting/classroom tools e.g., WebEx, Adobe Connect etc., Defining system notifications for training calendar invitations, reminders for events for which learners are registered, Learners can create or update their learning plan, Real time reporting, Social learning ability e.g., JAM

Guiding all new hire, hiring manager, HR, IT and so on) through key onboarding activities, Connecting new hires with the right people and relevant content even before their first day, Developing new hires rapidly, enabling them to contribute quickly, Intuitive task management, Flexible workflows, Provisioning, management of legal and corporate forms, Connecting development and learning activities to onboarding, Socialization of the new hire, Post hire verification, New employee setup, Orientation setup.

✔   How we are different from competition.

With Decades of experience in implementing solution for Legal Industry we understand the requirements and came up with the below few highlights which cuts costs in implementation time and money
  • •  Providing Rapid Deployment Solution
  • •  Providing pre-built Recruitment Job profile templates
  • •  Legal Specific Org Structure and Workflows
  • •  Legal Specific Learning Management customization and many more