HR Pundits, Inc is now a vendor for Tech Mahindra

With more than 20 years’ of experience in Information Technology, we are well established in the market as a specialist solutions provider. With a strong research and development department, we are your ideal partner for customer-specific solutions. We have developed a sophisticated range of products and services based on the specific needs of our customers, optimally designed to meet their needs.some of our customer-specific solution are


One of our most current solution is the Implementation and Support for Affordable Care Act.
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Apprentice Tracking

HR Pundits developed an Apprentice Tracking System (ATS) for one of our clients. The purpose of the system was to allow tracking of career advancement of apprentices in their respective trades. The information being tracked was organized and easily located with the help of this system. The Apprentice process has a series of steps and evaluation process. Before, this process was being manually handled and aseparate database was maintained without being integrated with SAP. With the help of ATS such issues were resolved and the tracking of the career advancement of apprentices was made much simpler.

Employee On-boarding Tracking System

Every year almost 25% of the working population undergoes career transition. So it’s important to support new employees with comprehensive onboarding to ensure their success. HR Pundits implemented an onboarding tracking system for Illinois based Shure Wireless Technologies by which new hires get adjusted to the social and performance aspects of their jobs quickly and smoothly, and learn the attitudes, knowledge, skills, and behaviors required to function effectively within an organization. This new report will explain how onboarding fits into the larger business context, what new employees can do to help facilitate their own orientation process, and why onboarding is a critical part of an effective talent management strategy.

What is SuccessFactor Solution for Legal Industry?

As an end-to-end, process-based system, SAP Tech Series for Legal encompasses nearly all functional aspects of your firm’s operations—including client matter management, time cost management, timekeeper management, billing management and comprehensive analytics. Tech Series for Legal increases, by an order of magnitude, the features and functionality of HR Pundits already best-of-breed, process-based practice management solution built on SAP HANA. The solution is configured to meet over 1000+ requirements specific to law firms, setting it apart as one of the most powerful enterprise solution running on the largest and most advanced business software platform in the world.

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